What and how to feed beets for growth?

What is needed and how to recognize the lack of minerals?

Beets need fertilizing at all stages of growth. It needs elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, boron, calcium and magnesium. Do not forget that fertilizers are applied in certain quantities. Different substances are also needed at different stages of root development. Before you start fertilizing, you need to understand how the external signs of lack or excess of nutrients. After all, with an excess of fertilizer to feed beets is strictly prohibited.  https://dailyday.com.ua

Mineral deficiency can be recognized by the following changes:

  • devalued rotten tops;
  • deep red or purple leaves;
  • crushing of leaves, reddening of the foliar part;
  • wishes of leaves and their drying;
  • leaf growth arrest;
  • lack of new leaves.

Lack of nutrients can lead to such a dangerous disease as necrosis. This virus reduces the root. The plant becomes unable to absorb moisture and dies. Also, lack of nutrients leads to a decrease in fruit.

Root crops grown without fertilizers become bitter and hard, ie completely unfit for consumption.