Audi Q7 is the leader of luxury SUVs

From time to time again, Audi has proven their position as one of the aristocrats of the luxury car industry. Yet, Audi has never seemed to rest making their bold stand of innovation in the automobile industry. This year, Audi marched through the luxury SUV top list by re-innovating one of their best SUVs to date: The Audi Q7.

The Audi Q7, without a doubt, will be one of the prominent leaders of the luxury car industry for the following reasons: elegance, the safeties, technology, comfort, and power.

The elegance of the Audi Q7 exterior

Audi Q7, although still maintaining the same frame as its predecessor, by no means has the same level of sleekness and elegance. The boot lid has also been restyled, with a chrome bar running across the door and a slimmer and more stylish rear lamp.

The grill is much larger, almost encapsulating the entire front of the car, and with spaced-out vertical chrome bars, the front of the car indeed becomes the center of attention. Added with a new matrix-style head-lamp and dynamic turn signal, the Audi Q7 exterior will surely be a head-turner.